They say “Need is the mother of invention”, well I agree. With the rapid growth of technology around the world, good quality education stresses the students to explore the latest inventions; gadgets that leave us surprised by their features and made our lives luxurious. To share this load of busy life Lenovo presents its services to loyal users. Do you think being a student it’s hard for you to afford a laptop knowing the fact that it will make your life much better? No worries, Lenovo understands! Here we present you; the best Lenovo laptops for students within affordable prices and most helpful specs in daily life.

These flexible deals are specially designed for the youth. When shopping for a student-friendly laptop you gotta satisfy some basic rules as budget and fit in student’s educational and lifestyle needs. The options given below cater pretty much all these rules and will surely relieve your stress.


An ideal student laptop should be light weighing, fast powerhouse and long-lasting battery life. If you’re the type who likes to work on desk indoors might prefer desktop pc. Engineers and architects might fancy having efficient workstations, artist may get excited by the 2 in 1 convertible series by Lenovo which provides touch screens and digitalized stylus with great grip and the photographer plus gaming community would ask for better display options, wide range of editing facilities and accurate CPU’s.

  • Portability of laptop is yet another factor, taking your device from class to library, note-taking and working from school to your way back home saves much time and energy.
  • Processors with multiple cores over speed of 2.0 GHz would do well for students.
  • With cloud storage and web streaming, large hard drives are no more in fashion. Systems internal storage would give enough space to student for feeding important data files. There must be minimum 4GB RAM.
  • Unless you’re not in need of graphics for gaming and designing, there is no call for HD resolutions. 1080p default displays will suit your needs.
  • Lenovo installs Windows 10 pro in all the latest systems knowing the quality product; there will be no extra need for spreadsheets or word-processing software
  • Your screen size should also vary as per your needs.
  • The weight of the device depends on the screen size; each added inch may make your pc heavier. So it’s on you how you want it. The ideal weight of a student laptop is 4lbs.

The latest inventions from Lenovo may allow you the use of 20 hours unplugged throughout the day. Students must keep an eye on such models that give long hour battery or replaceable ones so that they can work without any disturbance


  • PROCESSOR: MediaTek™ MTK8173C Processor (1.70 GHz)
  • GRAPHICS: Integrated MediaTek™ Graphics
  • STORAGE: Up to 64 GB eMMC plus SD support
  • MEMORY: 4GB LPDDR3 1866 MHz (onboard)
  • BATTERY: Up to 10 hours



  • Slim laptop chassis
  • 14’’ 1080p FHD anti-glare display
  • 720p HD camera
  • Chrome OS
  • Digitalized security
  • 10-hour batt-life

Chromebook S330 has to offer a sleek 14’’ display in FHD 1080p at 20.8mm weighing 1.5k/3.3lbs. Its black aluminum finish with two-sided narrow bezel may give a ravishing experience. S330 is Capable of handling you daily schoolwork with 10 hours of battery life. Chromebook S330 delivers efficient processing LPDDR3 memory, eMMC storage with benefits like multitasking and quick software loadings, etc. Lenovo Chromebook is designed especially for students, USB-C, SD card, and USB 3.0 supports allows you to connect, while strong AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 which may connect up to two devices at a time. From 720p webcam to two 2W speaker systems for firing audio quality and clear video calls. It is built with standard I/O support plus Chrome OS serves a bunch of collaborations with pre-installed apps. Chromebook S330 is a ready-to-go device quick, manageable and fast, offers built-in virus protection and syncs all your devices connected through your google account. Providing infinitely customizable apps to meet all your daily needs throughout thick and thins. An ideal laptop for students.


  • PROCESSOR: MediaTek™ MTK8173C Processor (1.70GHz)|
  • GRAPHICS: Integrated MediaTek™Graphics
  •  MEMORY: 4GB LPDDR3 1866 MHz
  • STORAGE: up to 64GB eMMC + SD support
  •  BATTERY LIFE: up to 10 hours.



  • 10-point touchscreen 360*
  • 6’’ IPS HD display
  • 64 lbs./ 1.2kg
  • 10-hour battery

Engineers shape Lenovo’s Chromebook series in such a way that it perfectly fits into student life, not too hefty with the best features designed is like the trend in town. Well Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 is yet another astonishing gadget stylish white body with latest multimedia in HD. Not only the looks have the wow effect but the 2 in 1 convertible touch screen will definitely make your hectic life easier. It has got 11.6’’ IPS display which means you can also enjoy your Netflix without any disturbance because of its 10-hour long battery. And did I mention its spacious keyboard with good travel time and such a soft touch will surely make you type those essays with the snap of finger-like its efficient processor known for its effortless multitasking. With 100GB of cloud storage and its eMMC storage you’ll have enough space for your collections too. It does not compromise on connectivity too with a pack of USB-C, USB 3.0 ports, and 2×2 AC Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth® 4.1 you can connect all your peripheral devices. You also get a 720p webcam and 2watt speaker with the best audio for music and games and whatnot. Further adding, Chrome OS that has built-in Windows 10pro and other pre-installed software with quick boot-ups. The simplicity and ready to go device having virus protection and automatic syncing with all your gadgets is the best you can have at such reasonable price. Having fun with its offer and making your work easy are the goals for this Chromebook C330 where you can customize our pc to meet your daily needs.


  • PROCESSOR: Intel® Celeron® N3350 Processor (1.10GHz, up to 2.40GHz with Burst Technology, 2MB Cache)
  • GRAPHICS: Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 500|
  • MEMORY: 4 GB LPDDR4 2133 MHz (onboard)| STORAGE: 64 GB eMMC
  • BATTERY: Up to 10 hours
  • 6’’ HD anti-glare display
  • Rotatable HD Camera
  • 11 AC 2×2 + Bluetooth® 4.1
  • 7 lbs./ 1.22kg
  • Spill-proof comfy keypad
  • 10-hour batt
  • Price $289

This device is engineered again for education. It serves the users through its mesmerizing looks too fantastic features. If you are on a budget and looking for something easy or an assistant for school then there is nothing to worry anymore. This lucky device is right in front of you by Lenovo who is no less than a helper to get you through that busy routine with complete work in minutes. Lenovo 100e Chromebook is ruggedly built to stand with you through thick and thin of a classroom with the battery that lasts an entire school day and makes your life smoother than ever. Engineers built this device for rough use keeping in mind that a student has to carry this all day long which makes the durability and weight matter, Lenovo assures you its safety in rollercoaster to adventures in mountains. In fact it has passed 12 MIL-STD 810G tests, boasts reinforced ports and gives you spill-proof keyboard with peel-resistant keys. Moving on to the other facilities it has to offer which is an HD webcam that rotates 180 degrees makes it good for clear video calls or to capture the beauty around you. It’s great for labs and activities. Lenovo has also matched the CPU to standards with an accurate processor, giving you no stress on memory either which maximizes the energy and boosts the work speed. Now we know that fading batteries nay affect your mood and end up piling tons of work so Lenovo 100e has taken care of its ongoing undisturbed performance till the school day ends. Further allowing you to connect fast with multiple devices and 2 x 2 AC Wi-Fi. We know that you’ll be spending loads of time on your computer and we do care about eyes for which we have HD Resolution 11.6’’ screen which may let you spend care-free time on homework!


  • PROCESSOR: MediaTek™ 8173C processor (2.10GHz)
  • MEMORY: 4GB LPDDR3 1866 MHz (onboard)|
  •  GRAPHICS: Imagination GX6250
  •  BATTERY: Up to 10 hours


  • Black smart body
  • 6’’ HD anti-glare display
  • 720p HD camera with integrated microphone
  • 2 x 2w speakers
  • 68 lbs. / 1.22kg
  • 11 AC 2×2+Bluetooth® 4.1

After the predecessor Lenovo 100e we present you Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen which plays on the same ground serving best in education. Engineers have taken care of the care-free use in school and built a device that stands with the rigors of classroom. This time advanced with cool learning apps, a whole other world with google class for students even fits in the budget and approval of every school administration. Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen is always ready for the boost with rubber bumpers having vigorous infrastructure, mechanically anchored keys that can go through every shock and awe. It provides a fast MediaTek processor that lets you run or even stress-work on computer without disturbance. The best part is that it has a pre-installed interactive app that enhances your learning as Tinkercard™, GeoGebra, LucidChart, Jamboard, WeVideo, and Kahoot! Etc. The built-in anti-glare technology on11.6’’ HD display reduces eye strain. Extending to a 720p HD camera for clear video-conferences and good speakers for your Netflix. No complaints on the battery life either as it is designed to last an entire school day so no hauling around power cords or adapters you can easily do your work all day after a full night charge. This completes a round of another amazing device for students.


  • 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen
  • 45W AC Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide

LENOVO 14w Notebook


  • PROCESSOR: 7th Generation AMD A6-9220C Dual-Core Processor (1.80GHz, up to 2.70GHz Max Boost, 1 MB Cache)
  •  MEMORY: 4GB DDR4 2400 MHz (onboard) STORAGE: 128 GB PCle SSD
  • GRAPHICS: AMD Integrated Graphics
  •  BATTERY: Up to 10 hours, 57 Watt per hour


  • 14’’ FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS anti-glare
  • 720p HD with two microphones
  • 39 lbs./ 1.53kg
  • Black sturdy body
  • Liteon QCA 6174A 2×2 AC
  • Bluetooth® 4.2
  • Drop-resistant up to 29.5’’/ 75cm
  • Spill-resistant keyboard (with mechanically anchored keys)
  • 10-hour batt-life

Talking about educational devices we must acknowledge Lenovo 14w Notebook, the best choice for higher education fueled by AMD® dual-core processing and pre-installed Windows 10 which allows you to explore customized learning apps by Microsoft store to enhance your skills and help you through your hectic routine. It also provides touchscreen and a comfy keypad for long working hours and designed as drop-resistant and spill-resistant keyboard which saves risking your gadget looks. Lenovo 14w is powered by AMD® A6 dual-core processor which performs efficiently even through stress work and connects you with all Microsoft apps in a snap of finger. Lenovo 14w enables you to find out yourself and communicate all around the world with secure online workspace for better productivity. The sturdy aluminum body with 14’’ FHD display boasts a 6mm narrow bezel plus IPS and antiglare technology which allows you a wide-angle vibrant screen that takes care of your eyes and provides a platform for unlimited creativity. It’s been through military-grade specification test to ensure its durability so that it can handle every bump on its way and stick with you for the longest time. If we talk about other specs it also covers your need for two microphones with front-facing 720p HD camera. Windows 10 Home has also been along to make your life easier with its S-mode that enhances security and fastens the performance plus provides automatic cloud backups. Moving towards the Microsoft Intune that is no less responsible for making your device manageable, it integrates seamlessly across key applications like Microsoft Teams and OneNote and enables you to live exciting student life with the device that will be by your side for entire school day, to be precise up to 10 hours.


Have you been listening that it’s hard for students to catch up with their games? Is it that you’re stuck between your projects when there’s a continuous call in your head for Need For Speed? Lenovo is on the rescue! Now you can have a laptop that fits in your life as a school companion plus your gaming station at the same time. Isn’t it fantastic? Now Lenovo is offering a complete student laptop covering every aspect of education and also provides graphics and storage to bear your games.


Being a student of visual arts, photography or an editor, there’s always a need for good HD display and dedicated graphics cards (GPU) even for the fans of videography and movies may have good time with this feature.


Students usually care about USB ports and connectivity so that they can an easy docking station or connect other peripheral devices on the go. The same goes for HDMI and DVD-D; the more you have the greater your flexibility. Moving on to Bluetooth, students also have a need to connect through it so it’s an essential part.

Durability and Support:

Student s have a rough daily use, models must be vigorous enough to survive through bumps and bruises. Keyboards might be spill-proof and the body should not get sabotaged by small hits. Lenovo also provides models that are been put through military-level durability tests and such models can be trusted for long-lasting use. It also offers warranty to some extent and services within few weeks of use.


Students have much work on the keypad; it’s the most essential component among technical specs, as it does the most work every day. So it must have a good travel time plus comfy touch that may let the user type for hours without getting annoyed. Considering Lenovo’s legacy of track-point it’s another beneficial thing that may get handy.


Are you always on a budget when it comes to buying technology? Budget is not even an issue now when you can take advantage of Lenovo’s student discount to save up to 5% on top of existing sales and e-coupons. Lenovo provides competitive and transparent finance with flexible payment options only for students. You just have to make up your mind, browse through the options and chose student’s discount while checkout.

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